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Can I get Refunds when I pay for treatments on EHIC?

ehic renewal formWhat exactly does my European Health Insurance Card Renewal cover? Since different countries generally have very different rules and regulations regarding whether or not you need to pay for treatment, then it really does depend on the country you were in when you received the treatment.

So just like in England, as a UK taxpayer we can turn up to our local GP and get seen by a doctor and not need to pay a fee for this. We only pay when we need to purchase our prescription. Well in other countries they may have a completely different healthcare system so you can’t expect things to be the same as the UK when you visit a different country.

However, as an EHIC holder, you do have the rights to be treated in the same way as local residents of that country. So you should pay the same fees that they would when you are receiving treatment in state own institutions.

So in some cases you may need to pay fees upfront, and then when you return back to the UK you may be subject to getting refunds. But you need to keep up with any changes regarding the rules for this as they change frequently.

Should I get travel Insurance as well as a European Health Insurance Card renewal?

european health insurance card renewal stepsYes. If you want to be covered for the things that are not covered for by the European Health Insurance Card then you should definitely consider getting some kind of Travel Insurance policy before you leave.

Travel insurance will cover you for things like unexpected flight cancellations, delays, private treatment, or any theft you may experience while you are away.

Of course you need to read up on the things that are covered by your Travel Insurance policy to get a full understanding of what exactly is covered and what is not.

What’s the point in an EHIC Card Renewal?

european health card renewal formThe EHIC is something that you want to have in addition to Travel Insurance, and not been seen as a replacement in any way. If you went abroad without your European Health card and required treatment then you would be paying much higher fees compared with local residents of the country, and this is the main purpose of why holding a valid EHIC card is so important.

You want to also make sure you present your passport along with your EHIC since your EHIC does not have your photo on it so the passport would also provide the extra photographic proof of your identity.

e111 renewal ukSometimes in some cases people have reported that they tried to use their EHIC while away and it was refused. In some cases you can’t use your EHIC, for example when you are using a private treatment practice then your EHIC does not apply at all. However, if you are using a state-owned practice then you should be able to exercise your rights as an EHIC card holder and have the same rights as local residents of that country. This means paying the same fees as local residents.

If your EHIC is refused and you believe it was wrongly done so then you should report this when you get back to the UK.

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